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*wimbi (swahili) = wave
**ewaso nai beri (massai) = "the place of cold water", (nairobi)

wimbi - the wave, is collecting children's water-photography from all over the planet exhibiting it, worldwide, to identify the problems and conflicts arising from a rapidly growing number of people sharing an ever shrinking reservoir of water.

the pictures were taken with pinhole- and disposable cameras by kids, who photographically document and artistically describe the water, or lack of water surrounding them. the children are between 11 and 16 years old and come from various cultural and social backgrounds.

all participating students take part in extracurricular classes about the basics of photography.

i got the idea in cape town, south africa in 2003, while i was teaching photography for the frank joubert arts centre. i ran two workshops in the townships and made "water" the topic of final exercise since we wanted to participate in cape towns "earth day". there was a follow up class in the town of essen, germany in the winter 2005/6 and in 2014 i did two classes in nairobi, kenya, one together with the goethe-institute at the german school nairobi and the other at the kibagare good news centre, a christian school in a slum.

wimbi's next stops will be at: the model schools, orissa, india, then oelde, germany and jerusalem, israel.

since august 2009 wimbi is an officially registered organisation (eingetragener verein) wimbi is registered at the court in beckum, germany (registry number VR 786) wimbi is now called wimbi e. v..

for the continuation of the project we depend on donations. every help is welcome and appreciated.

dirk räppold, oelde, germany, november 2014

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*wimbi (swahili) = wave
**ewaso nai beri (massai) = "the place of cold water", (nairobi)

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